Live at the Stables

Music video

July 2017

  • Client Zola Blood
  • Responsibilities
    • Electronics
    • Software
    • Design
    • Build

This was a music video for Zola Blood. I worked with Matteo Mastrandrea and Jo Dejardin on the creative aspect of it.

I created a system to control 12,000 individually addressable LEDs from Ableton. This involved:

  • Writing a simulation in C++ with Cinder
  • Creating 4 Max for Live instruments to use in Ableton
  • A renderer in Go, to create and blend the LED data
  • Various Python tools to test and prototype
  • 3 PCBs to transmit data in a robust way from a Beaglebone to the LED rods

I used LEDscape to send the data to the LEDs but created but sent the single ended data over RS485 so make things more robust.