January 2019

  • Client GAVO
  • Responsibilities
    • Electronics

For GAVO lighting I made two PCBs for both the supply and the head of the light. The GAVO light is a plasma light which produces a very bright and pure light that’s great for lots of things, but is targeted at lighting sets, specifically high speed shoots.

The supply side consists of:

  • A DMX receiving unit
  • A user interface with four dual LED light buttons and a backlit LCD
  • It communicates with a Magnetron driver over RS232

The head includes:

  • Motor control with feedback from an optical sensor
  • Fan control
  • Temperature measurement

The head and supply communicate with each other via a custom data over DC power protocol that I developed for the project.

Both boards were built around a Atmel AVR microprocessors, to aid developement I wrote a C library for the project.