Heart n Soul Asks


June 2020

  • Client Heart n Soul Wellcome
  • Responsibilities
    • Software

While Heart n Soul were the residents at the Wellcome Trust’s Hub, I wrote an accessible survey authoring system.

Some the features of the platform were:

  • Fully responsive surveys and survey creation with accessible features, including the collection of responses by text, audio, video and image including on all mobile devices
  • Free text, image, audio or video response
  • Multiple choice responses
  • Likert, including accessible likert forms with instant generation of response types
  • Slider value response
  • Conditional questions, e.g. for follow up questions or clarifying questions
  • Custom text input
  • Question text can be accompanied by video / audio / image description.
  • Full branching for complex surveys with different users and needs
  • Consent and information templates
  • Demographics template with option for demographic questions at start or end
  • Allows users to login in order to take surveys e.g. for longitudinal studies
  • Custom styling options
  • Basic stats
  • Survey data export