Bubble Tree


July 2020

  • Client Studio Swine
  • Responsibilities
    • Electronics
    • Software

Star Holden, Charlie Hope and I created a new system for Studio Swine’s bubble tree, which was exhibited at the Superblue gallery in London 2021.

My role in the project was making the control electronics and software to run be able to run and maintain installation. This involved:

  • Creating fead, a bi-directional serial protocol and Arduino library for devices to talk to each other on an RS485 network. The client library is written in Typescript.
  • Writing Arduino code for each pod to detect burst bubbles, create them again and control the fan and actuators.
  • Designing and building a robust a fead Switcher to turn on the various pumps and pods.
  • Designing and building the fead Conductor; a Raspberry Pi with a hat for isolated fead
  • Writing the control software in Javascript (node), to handle the communication and delivery of water & soap. This also involved writing a general purpose scheduler, sequence runner and domain specific language for specifying sequences.
  • A Vue.js front end that communicates with the control via websockets.